10 October 2023 | Hybrid
BMA House, London
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Kellie Wilkie

Managing Director, Bodysystem Physio, Exercise Physiotherapist, APA Sports and Physiotherapist, Australia Olympic Team Rowing; Australia

Kellie Wilkie is Australian Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist with a clinical and research interest in athletic low back pain. Kellie travelled with The Australian Rowing Team for 9 consecutive years including being an Australian Olympic Team Physiotherapist for the 2012 London and 2016 Rio games. Kellie is passionate about ensuring that lessons learnt in the elite environment can be transferred into preventing injury for developing rowers. Kellie has recently been involved in research and publication of several papers in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in relation to Low back pain in sport and rowing. Kellie is the Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist of BODYSYSTEM in Hobart.