10 October 2023 | Hybrid
BMA House, London
Delivering greener care for a healthier future

The Net Zero Clinical Care hybrid conference is a forum for discussion that aims to inspire and empower those starting to think about net zero healthcare and how they can reduce the environmental impact of the health and care sector.


  • Identify the latest developments in net zero care
  • Learn from a range of experts in the healthcare sector
  • Network with leaders
  • Understand the current needs and how to achieve them

The conference will:


    and allow you to learn from your peers on how you can take your first step towards a net zero practice.
    of a resilient and ever changing health and care system committed to delivering net zero by 2040.
    of passionate health and care professionals motivated by building a more sustainable health and care system for generations to come.

The NHS’s Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service report


This report outlines the important role that healthcare has to play in reducing England’s carbon emissions, the co-benefits to patients and the public and interventions that the system can take to reduce carbon emissions and reach net zero. of health and care services.

Having reviewed close to 600 submissions as evidence which led to extensive analysis and goal setting, two ambitious net zero targets were set:


  • For the emissions the NHS controls directly (NHS Carbon Footprint) net zero by 2040, with an 80% reduction by 2028 to 2032
  • For the emissions that the NHS can influence (NHS Carbon Footprint Plus) net zero by 2045, with an 80% reduction by 2036 to 2039


View the full report