10 October 2023 | Hybrid
BMA House, London
Delivering greener care for a healthier future

Poster submissions are now closed.


The ePosters at Net Zero Clinical Care conference is a valuable opportunity to exhibit your project, the impact that the project has had, and the potential for wider application. Reviewers will also be interested in the wider financial, social and environmental benefits realised through the project, your learnings from the experience, and whether the project took an innovative and original approach.

Eposters have been submitted on the below topic areas:


  • Low carbon treatments
    Demonstrate ways to identify and reduce emissions associated with individual care components or treatment choices, while improving patient care
  • Low carbon care settings
    Share ideas for optimising care location to enable more efficient care delivery and to reduce patient and staff travel
  • Low carbon care pathways
    Outline interventions to deliver high quality, how carbon care which consider the whole care pathway taken by the patient, and how the service model as a whole can be made more sustainable
  • Low carbon public health interventions
    Share low carbon prevention measures which aim to reduce the amount, intensity and complexity of care needed
  • Embedding net zero through clinical leadership, systems and workforce
    Showcase governance structures, system level approaches or workforce engagement and training strategies that support and embed the delivery of net zero healthcare into the organisation as business as usual
  • Other
    All other projects outside the scope of the above topics


You will be notified if your submission has been successful or not by 16 June 2023.

How will posters be viewed by the attendees?


  • All presenters will have the opportunity to create an ePoster which will be displayed on our ePoster platform.
  • Attendees of the Net Zero Clinical Care conference will be able to browse through all posters on a number of large digital ePoster screens at BMA House.
  • Attendees will also be given the option to access the posters via our ePoster platform online on any device during and after the conference.